Our Plan

Breslau Lions DesignOur club has chosen OpenSpace Solutions, the Ontario representative of Waterplay, as the company we will be working with to build the splash park. In the spring of 2013 there was an opportunity for people in our community to vote on one of three designs, with the communities voice in mind a design has been selected and plans are now underway and initial fundraising efforts have begun.

Although the Township of Woolwich has not selected a definite site for the splash park, we know it will be placed within the Riverland community near the community center at 100 Andover Dr.

The Schedule

The schedule for building the splash park ultimately will be dictated by donations and grants we receive in our effort to raise money for this project, construction will begin once enough money is raised. Our goal however, is to break ground in 2016 or spring of 2017.

Campaign Goals

The total anticipated project budget is $350,000. We are seeking contributions from generous donors committed to the community of Breslau. We are also seeking in-kind donations.  The Breslau Lions Club retained the services of the Woolwich Recreational Facility Foundation to be involved in reporting of donations and issuing of tax receipts.